Operator Licensing

Steve Hale Transport Consultancy - External Transport Management ETM
We can help you by undertaking a new operator application  on your behalf, ensuring everything has been undertaken before sending your application to the Traffic Commissioner. We can also help with licence variations and changes of operating centre. We will assist by using the new on-line operator application system. Our job is to ensure your application is complete and correct prior to application. We will be there with you throughout the whole process, from completing the application form, collating all the ancillary documents, proofreading, to sending sending everything to the central licensing office, and dealing with any correspondence.

Do I need an Operator’s Licence?

If you intend to operate vehicles over 3,500 kg gross vehicle in weight (GVW), which will be used to carry goods on public roads for trade or business purposes, you will need one of three types of operator licence. This includes short-term rental vehicles hired for as little as one day. Types of licence are:

Standard National Licence

This licence means you can carry your own and other people’s goods within the UK. You can also take loaded trailers to or from ports within the UK as part of an international journey, as long as your vehicles remain in the UK.

Standard International Licence

This licence means you can carry your own goods, and other people’s goods, both in the UK and on international journeys.

When you get a standard international licence, you can also request the issue of Community Licences. These allow:

Trips between all EU member countries

Transit traffic through EU member countries

Cabotage (journeys entirely within another EU member country).

Restricted Licence

This licence allows you to carry your own goods, but not other people’s goods. (The rules are different if you are in Northern Ireland).