What is FORS?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a national scheme that promotes good practice for commercial vehicle operators. The accreditation’s main objective is to raise quality and efficiency standards within fleets to the highest levels. FORS focuses on educating and improving best practice procedures in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

The result is that your company will better manage work-related road risk (WRRR). FORS is open to operators of vans, lorries, mini-buses, coaches, and other vehicles, as well as to the organisations that award contracts to those operators. While voluntary, FORS accreditation makes strong business sense.

As well as demonstrating that your firm meets high standards, you’ll be opening up new opportunities for growth because more and more companies now insist their suppliers and contractors must be FORS accredited in order to be considered for contracts. They want to cover themselves and FORS is your way of helping them to do that. In addition, the fuel efficiency that you will achieve as a result of your FORS accreditation can lead to significant cost savings, as well as being less harmful to the environment.

The FORS standard can be very daunting, and at times confusing. We pride ourselves in making our clients feel at ease and we make the difficult easy by removing the complicated text and replacing it with more understandable wording.

We offer a full package where we can you get you from no knowledge of FORS to a Gold member. You will be provided with all the required policies and procedures, as well as the risk assessments required by FORS to enable you to pass your audit.

Prices are totally bespoke and depend on the size and type of your fleet, as every operation is different, and we cater for all.

Steve Hale Transport Consultancy - FORS help advice standard

If you require assistance with achieving your FORS accreditation at any level then we can help.

Steve Hale Transport Consultancy - FORS Bronze Accreditation


FORS Bronze is the first line of accreditation which you must achieve to be able to progress further within the FORS scheme. The process involves a full audit, either onsite or remotely, of your policies and procedures, and requires the drivers and transport operational staff to carry out some mandatory online training

Steve Hale Transport Consultancy - FORS Silver Accreditation


FORS Silver is the next level of accreditation and requires the uploading of documentation to evidence that your operation is at the silver standard. Some of the items to be evidenced are fuel data, accident data, further training for the drivers, that includes the on-cycle Safe Urban Driver training course, which is designed to help drivers see the roads from a cyclist’s perspective.

Steve Hale Transport Consultancy - FORS Gold Accreditation


FORS Gold is the pinnacle of all the levels of accreditation. It requires case studies and much more in-depth evidencing of certain policies and procedures and how you, as a company, can help promote FORS to your staff and customers. Gold level operators are viewed as the ‘best of the best’.

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